Dear guests and renters,

We want you to enjoy your stay and to feel well in our apartment, which is why we would like to give you some information. Mutual consideration, good understanding and orderly circumstances are the best guarantee for the well-being of all guests in the apartments.

All guests and renters are obligated to comply with the house rules below and to contribute with their own behaviour to a harmonious coexistence. Thank you very much.

Safety – safeguarding the establishment and building

The building entrance, side entrances and garage entrances must be kept permanently closed due to security aspects. Intercom systems are installed in all apartments. Only open the doors for visitors that you know – do not let unauthorised persons access the building.

External guests may only enter upon approval by PM-AM Apartments.

Building and garage entrances, stairways and hallways must always be kept clear as escape routes. Escape and rescue routes must not be blocked.

Every guest and renter is obligated to immediately notify the landlord of arising damages. If there is immediate danger, every renter must signal it through appropriate warnings or make efforts to temporarily eliminate it. In the event of leakages and other deficiencies with regard to water pipes and electric wiring, the landlord has to be immediately notified.

All activities that might cause a fire in the building and that might be harmful to health are forbidden.

Open fire is prohibited. In order to avoid fire hazards, highly flammable objects and liquids must not be stored in the underground car park.

The use of charcoal, gas and electric grills on the balconies and loggias is generally not permitted.


As we want to ensure a peaceful stay for all guests, any disturbing noise should be avoided, especially between 01:00 pm and 03:00 pm and between 10:00 pm and 07:00 am as well as on Sundays and public holidays until 09:00 am.

No parties, celebrations etc. are allowed.

In general, radios and TVs should be used with low volume. Any disturbing noise on balconies/loggias as well as with open windows should be avoided.

During the aforementioned periods, it is generally forbidden to play an instrument. During the rest of the time, music may only be made for up to two hours per day.


The needs of children to play have to be met appropriately, which means especially that they are allowed to do so in the areas intended for playing. For security reasons, they are not permitted to linger in the basement, the underground car parks or similar shared facilities. Children are generally required to refrain from playing or making noise on the stairs.


The building and its premises should be kept clean.

Waste may only be disposed of in the dustbins and containers intended for it. Please pay attention to waste separation – residual waste, plastics and paper must be disposed of separately in the waste bins provided for this. Hazardous waste does not belong in these bins.

Bulky waste should be reduced to smaller pieces, hot ashes must not be dumped into the waste containers. No waste or refuse should be spilled in the building or on the access paths.

Hygiene products, waste, leftovers, harmful liquids, greases or the like must not be thrown or poured into showers or toilets, as this can cause blockages and unpleasant smell.

It is not permitted to let towels and other laundry dry on the balcony railing.


The apartment should be aired sufficiently, including in cold seasons. Impact ventilation should be as short as possible, but still be effective.


Without written consent of PM-AM Apartments GmbH, it is generally forbidden to keep pets. If pet keeping was approved in writing, please do not leave your pets unsupervised in the building, garage, on the stairs or in other common areas. Noise pollution, for example due to the barking of dogs, will result in an immediate interdiction of pet keeping.


Parking is only allowed on the underground parking space rented together with the apartment. Otherwise, public parking spaces must be used.

Driving towards the garage entrances or inside the underground car parks must always be done at walking speed.

Look out for possible additional information outside and inside the underground car parks.


Smoking is generally prohibited in our apartments as they are non-smoking apartments. Damages to or holes in and on furniture, floors, bed linen etc. will result in having to charge the replacement value.

It is possible to smoke on the balcony/loggia. Please use the ashtrays provided for this.



Download: House rules